Solar eclipse and Exciting news!

Hey there it’s your gurl Snowlondon here…

You guys: AHH IT’S APARRI!!!!!!!

Oh okay. We’ll scratch that. But then…. What intro should I do?

You guys: We don’t care.

You should! This is a major dilemma! OMG what should I do?????

You guys: Meh.


You guys: SOI?


You guys: You do know…


You guys: You kinda just made an intro.

Oh. Well there you have it!


So, as you probably know, today was a solar eclipse! DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAA! Sadly, where I live we did not get a full one, but it was nearly full, and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Here’s da story. There was a little event in our city where you could go and watch the eclipse, and they handed out free glasses and stuff, so we decided to go there. My brother made two pinhole cameras, which are cardstock with a hole cut in it that is filled with tin foil, and there is one (or numerous) holes in that, and if you hold the shadow of the paper on top of another piece of paper, you’ll see the sun, and when there’s an eclipse you’ll see what you can see of the sun. Sorry, that was an awful explanation, but it looks a little like this:

Image result for pinhole camera solar eclipse

Image credits to and

We got lunch on the way, but the line was huuuuuuuuuuuuuge. I got really nervous we’d miss the totality, which is the maximum point of the eclipse. Luckily, we finally got our food and hustled to the field where the event was happening. As we were walking there, we heard disappointed people saying there were no more glasses left. This made me extremely stressed, but we went on. When we eventually got there it was packed. Everyone was saying things like “OMG! It’s so cool!!!!” but we couldn’t see the big deal, because we couldn’t look at the sun. It was extremely hard to resist the temptation to do so. We decided to get in line for a chance to look at it from some really high power telescopes, even though the line was super long. In the meantime we decided to use the pinpoint cameras, and they turned out to be really fun! Then, things got even better! Somebody came around handing out glasses – just to the kids (or at least young people.) We passed as kids, and got the glasses. Well, they weren’t real glasses. They had ran out of those, so we just got what were like postcards with the eye protecting material in the middle. When you put them on they were so dark you could only see the brightest things, I.E. the sun. At first I was nervous I wouldn’t find the sun when all I could see was pitch black, but I did and it was so cool!!!!

It looked a lot like this:

Image result for partial eclipse 2017

The line continued to move as we studied the sun, both through the glasses and the pinpoint cameras. Finally, we got to the start if the line just before totality, when the moon is as in front of the sun as it will get. They asked us if we could wait a moment for them to take a photo using the strong telescope, then let us use it, which was perfect timing, because we got it ONE MINUTE AFTER TOTALITY which was ultra close to totality. It looked the same as with our glasses, but like 50 times larger. Then, we sat down and ate our lunch, while watching the moon slowly leave the sun. It was an unforgettable experience!

Solar eclipse selfie.JPG

^^^ A selfie with Graciepopstar91 and Custard709

Now, meh second ting.

You guys: What is up with your grammar?


You guys: Yeesh, looks like some;one woke up on the wrong side of the bed.



Okay, well, anyhoo.

I have very exciting news.

As some of you may or may not know…..










That’s right, Paris, France.

I am so excited!!! Honestly, this has been my dream since I knew what is was!!! EEEEEEE!!!

I’ll try to post about it afterwards! I’ll still be semi active, but probably won’t post a lot if at all.

Have any of you ever been to Paris? If so, tell me in the comments!

Au revoir!

Yours Truly,




Sorry :(

Hey guys! What? Don’t stare at me. DON’T STARE AT ME. I know, I know. YES I KNOW! I have been away for two months. Two months. I know this is inexcusable. And I’m really, truly, sorry. I guess I’m not great at holding up. But! I will not be quitting, or stopping blogging for a very long time. Just stick with me. I am also quite active on Animal Jam, so give me a buddy! I’m Snowlondon.

Now, on for the fun part. YESTERDAY WAS AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to go through everything new! *Realizes this is a rhymes* *Starts singing*

*Glass breaks*

Okay maybe not…………


Don’t mind that!

In celebration of the eclipse coming August 21st, AJHQ has done an in game celebration!

The places it’s most visible in are Jamaa Township, The Lost Temple of Zios, and Appondale.

One of my favourite things is that in Appondale you can actually see the eclipse – just wear glasses!

You also may have noticed banners like this:

These have cool facts about the eclipse! Here’s one.

Overall, I think it’s really cool AJHQ’s doing this.

Second page:

This a bit about safety when viewing an eclipse. AJHQ’s really stressing those glasses. Did you see the new home screen, and some new promotional art?

Credit to AJHQ for art



A new app! This one is *gasp* educational. Honestly, I can’t help but think AJHQ is trying (in vain) to make aj educational again. Comment down if you’re going to download it!

National Honeybee Day! Since AJHQ does this every year, it’s not too exciting, but still cool!

Here’s an example of a fun fact VVV

Woah. That’s really impressive. 😀

Final pageyyyyy:

This! I’m very happy that pixel painting is also in the Art Studio now. It’s really annoying having to go to a buddy with it’s den every time I want to pixel paint. LOL

Secondly, now plushies are land and underwater. I guess this is ok… I mean, you could have some cool dens….

Yours Truly,


We’ve gone international!

Why hello readers! To clear up a bit of confusion, we are not going on a world tour. We’re just recognizing other regional readers. At the beginning, we were lucky for a view at all! But now, we have views from countries such as Pakistan, Greece, the UK, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia!

Thanks for viewing our humble bit of the universe!

Signing off,


An Exciting New First!

Hi! You will NEVER guess what happened to me in AJ today. So, I bought a Mira coat of arms and a Zios stuffy.(I’m on team alpha.) So… Zios won! Meaning now…

first  My first den rare!(YAY!)

So congratulations for winning team Zios!

Signing off,


P.S Thanks for the edit Snow!

Animal Jam Box report!

As you can see by the title, it’s Snow here to tell you ’bout my box.
Y’all: That came in April.
Me: Well too bad!

So! One day, I come home to find on my coffee table….

AJ box no


When opened,


I excitedly opened it, and the first thing I found waaaaaaaaaas…

The birds and butterflies guide!

It’s a small little book with facts about all the animal jam birds and butterflies! There’s eagles, butterflies, falcons, toucans, humming birds, and……………………………………
OWLS! Yaaaaaaaaay!


I really like this. It’s cute and interesting and I will definitely use it to learn more about animals! I’ll give this a 4/5.


Next up, theeeeeee umbrella! It’s an clear eight panel umbrella with different animal jam animal graphics, such as goats, eagles, owls, hyenas, and dolphins.

AJ umbrella.jpg


I love this. I’ve been needing an umbrella, so BAM! It’s so cute and well made too. 5/5!!!


Now for the DIY wooden birdhouse. It’s a kit equipped with different wood parts that allows you to construct your own birdhouse with paint to paint it, as well!

AJ birdfeeder.jpg


This is… cool. I look forwards to seeing the quality when I build it, whenever that happens, but since I’m not a huge fan of crafts I’ll give this a 2/5.


Now, the toucan charm. It’s a charm to go on your animal jam charm bracelet,

with a toucan that has a fruit basket on his head.


I like this. It’s cute. I think I prefer the arctic wolf though… Anywho I’d give it a 4/5!

And then, the raglan t-shirt! It’s a white shirt with blue sleeves and a cute picture of a bunny, a dear, and an owl! It says in the AJ font: “Explore!”


This is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to wear it! 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last but not least (of the IRL stuff)…..

Golden binoculars! They’re working binoculars that are black and gold and say Animal Jam on them.


I like these, especially since they work really well. I’ll probably bring them next time I go to my cottage! 4/5.


Now, for the AJ promo. It is….

The golden binoculars! Basically they’re the normal binoculars coloured yellow.


Honestly, I’m disappointed. They couldn’t even make a new item? Or at least make it a pretty colour? Sadly, 2/5.


I’ve also got some important news: I am going to summer camp, so I will not post for the next 14 days. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Yours Truly,

(Thanks to Graciepopstar91 for the siggy!)


Hi! As you might have noticed from the title, this is an update post.

So, first of all…



When I was a non-member, I dreamed of buying this den, but then… TRAGEDY! It was removed! Luckily, they brought it back! 😀

Next… More spiked collars! Including the spiked spiked collar, a true winner.


Third, they also brought back battle for the beacon!


There I am, being pwned by a swarm of phantoms.

Speaking of events, they’ve also added a new party!


Sadly, I haven’t been able to get in, thanks to a glitch. Instead, it gave me a paradise party.

Oh, and remember eggstravaganza? Well, they’re adding a new pet!egg

Finally, Team Mira and Team Zios are getting their own items for Jam-con!


Signing off,


New toys, cool dens, and one WEIRD glitch!

Hey there! Snow here with a post about…….


First on our schedule we have my new AJ toys! You see, Mega, being the kind person she is, gave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:


This little treasure! Thanks Mega! The promos I got were:





Thanks again, BESTIE!!!

Next up, I would like to talk about two epic dens!


The first is a zoo-themed den by



Some pictures? Gladly!


The sign


The arctic area


The flowery area


The desert area


The underwater area


Whatever this is XD


The walkways


The front desk


All the masterpieces/signs



Some random selfies 

The coolest thing about this to me is that she’s done all this…. WHILE SHE’S A NON MEMBER! It shows that we all can do ANYTHING!!! WOOT WOOT!


Our next epic den is by Fairyspells. It’s simple, but AMAZING. Like Dolphinday, she painstakingly collected the same items again and again and again. Only this time, all it was was the

Uncomplicated, but the effect is huge!

Beautiful photo.PNG


Next on our agenda iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis:

A weird new glitch that’s been plaguing my night and day.

So I’ll be on my JAGS,

and I’ll scroll down.


But then! Suddenly everything will disappear, to be replaced by……



I’ll reload, and back will be…

The norm!

Peculiar, huh?


Finally, a less upbeat topic. I am going to Chicago to see Hamilton, the Musical, and will be unable to post for a week. If I am not to active, don’t fret! I’ll be back soon! Byeeeee!

Yours Truly,




You: And why exactly are you saying OMG?


Rare spike.PNG

Yup, that right folks. A rare red long spike hot of the press.


Picture this. Flying through the forgotten desert with my pals Lilvent89 and Unicornkkaj. Together we find all the green shards. I open the chest to find…

Screenshot (3386).png


Now, let me tell you this. It was not “Da da daaaa, let’s play the forgotten desert! Ooh I got a rare spiked collar!” Oh no. I played three long rounds just to get one good item. Just a few of the bad items I got include dragonfly wings, a diamond necklace, and a polka dot tuxedo. But still, my advice is: don’t give up! For every bad RIM, there’s a shining spike.

New comic.png

Signing off,


Awesome Fish Sighted!

Ahh…. Summer, a time of frolicking on a cruise ship, finding easter eggs, and not least among them issssssssssss…

mola mola boat


You see? The easter egg may be old news, but here are some….


4. Young Man1) The Mola mola (A.K.A Ocean Sunfish) is the biggest boned fish in the world

2) Mola  is Latin for millstone

3) Females produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate

4) Baby Molas resemble miniature puffer fish

5) Mola Molas have their own amazing game on the app store

Sincerely apologizing  if you learned something,


Update + art!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s (drumroll pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease) Snow!



Update pt 1.PNG

First, notice they changed how the Jamaa Journal looks. I like it! Then, there’s the snowflake arctic wolves. I LOVE THIS! After all, I :heart: snow!!! Meet…

Screenshot (3370)

Update pt. 2.PNG

The summer carnival! I have to admit, I don’t really care.

The summer carnival.PNG

Here’s a screenshot of it!


Oooh, a new pet!!! EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITING! I think it’s a pet slooooth. I’m seriously going to buy eggs until I get one.

Beach house + Phenoix armour.PNG

So the beach house is back! I think I’m going to get one. I’m a huge fan.

This is what it looks like, vs an IRL beach house!

Beach house.png

(Decorated by Mega)

Pheonix look.JPG

And ^^^^^ the phoenix armour. I don’t really care about it.


Coyotes are coming. Meh, just another new animal. It does look kind of cute though…

Traveling falcons.JPG

Traveling falcons – Good Riddance! (Can you tell I don’t like ’em?) And soon to be traveling lions? Does it look like I care?


Secondly! So, Mega and I recently did some art (un AJ-related), but I thought it turned out well and wanted to show y’all!

Owl of knowledge.png

Last but not leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast:

A new glitch! Check it out!

Screenshot (3374).png

Can you spot it? Comment down below if so!

Yours Truly,