Chicken Smoothie – December 18th!

You guys: Is Chicken Smoothie taking over this blog?

Me: Umm… Er… Why would you think that hehehe?

You guys: *Sigh* Also… it’s not even December 18th in the first place!

Me: Some people sure are hair splitting today.

You guys: :O Our hair is perfect!

Me: That isn’t what hair splitting means. Google it, for goodness sake.

Kay. If ya didn’t know, December 18th is an awesome day on Chicken Smo-

You guys: What’s Chicken Smoothie?

Me: Come ON! I wrote a post about it. You guys…. *Shakes head*

So, after two intros, I hope you know what Chicken Smoothie is. If not, GO AND READ THE POST ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s that? You do? About time.

During December on Chicken Smoothie there is an advent box each day. The box can have all sorts of pets, such as my personal favs:

Aren’t they cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot?


December 18th has a special box. ↓↓↓


You can get three pets. I decide to take loads of pictures of my adopting my first.


This is what the box looks like.


I decided to adopt one at a time. I clicked “Adopt me!” and…


Got this cute draft horse!


After searching through the archives, I found it. As you can see it will grow into a rare. The date?


2009! 2009 is only the second year of Chicken Smoothie! Squee!


I also adopted two other pets. You can see video footage of that here.


Yours Truly,



My New Obsession



You guys: Hellooooooo?




Me: Huh?

You guys: This is a post, isn’t it?

Me: *Stares at other tab* No, I don’t like onions.

You guys: Ok what?! *Xs the tab*

Me: Hey! What was that for?

You guys: We want A POST!

Me: About what?

You guys: Maybe what’s been KEEPING you from posting?

Me: Oh, that would be Chicken Smoothie.

You guys: WHAT smoothie?!

Me: Chicken!

You guys: Explain….?

Alright. If any of you know me outside of this blog, you probably know about Chicken Smoothie. One blogger (I think it was Crazcat) started playing, and all of a sudden BOOM! We’re all obsessed. Our “AJ Bloggers” hangout is now basically “Chicken Smoothie Fans”. XD


So. What is Chicken Smoothie? Chicken Smoothie is an online game where you adopt virtual pets. Unlike most websites like this, they require no care, but they don’t really “do” anything either. You can adopt, and trade people for pets. The pets have different rarities, ranging from  to It’s forum based, meaning you don’t walk around and move. It’s…. kinda hard to explain. Luckily they have their own description:


Now, for some pictures of this game!

The logo (it’s not always like this, this is just for the holidays)


These are what the pets look like. Colourful , creative, and overall satisfying. I LOVE them!


Here is where you adopt pets.


This is what trading looks like.


You can even dress your pet up!


You can make your own profile picture, signature, interests, and even include a website link!


My stamp collection. “I have a pickle. Your argument is invalid.” XDDD


These are the forums. You can click on a topic you want to go too.


I clicked on General Discussion. Here you can see some of the most active topics.


This is what a topic looks like. This topic was “How did you find Chicken Smoothie?” so I posted how. You can see someone else posted above me 😀


As a way to see all the pets, they have archives. It also shows you which pets you have, and allows you to put pets on you wishlist.


This is what a wishlist looks like.



There is so much more to show, but as this post is already long (and tedious for those who already know about CS), I’ll stop here. 😀


Yours Truly,