We’ve gone international!

Why hello readers! To clear up a bit of confusion, we are not going on a world tour. We’re just recognizing other regional readers. At the beginning, we were lucky for a view at all! But now, we have views from countries such as Pakistan, Greece, the UK, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia!

Thanks for viewing our humble bit of the universe!

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An Exciting New First!

Hi! You will NEVER guess what happened to me in AJ today. So, I bought a Mira coat of arms and a Zios stuffy.(I’m on team alpha.) So… Zios won! Meaning now…

first  My first den rare!(YAY!)

So congratulations for winning team Zios!

Signing off,


P.S Thanks for the edit Snow!

Animal Jam Box report!

As you can see by the title, it’s Snow here to tell you ’bout my box.
Y’all: That came in April.
Me: Well too bad!

So! One day, I come home to find on my coffee table….

AJ box no


When opened,


I excitedly opened it, and the first thing I found waaaaaaaaaas…

The birds and butterflies guide!

It’s a small little book with facts about all the animal jam birds and butterflies! There’s eagles, butterflies, falcons, toucans, humming birds, and……………………………………
OWLS! Yaaaaaaaaay!


I really like this. It’s cute and interesting and I will definitely use it to learn more about animals! I’ll give this a 4/5.


Next up, theeeeeee umbrella! It’s an clear eight panel umbrella with different animal jam animal graphics, such as goats, eagles, owls, hyenas, and dolphins.

AJ umbrella.jpg


I love this. I’ve been needing an umbrella, so BAM! It’s so cute and well made too. 5/5!!!


Now for the DIY wooden birdhouse. It’s a kit equipped with different wood parts that allows you to construct your own birdhouse with paint to paint it, as well!

AJ birdfeeder.jpg


This is… cool. I look forwards to seeing the quality when I build it, whenever that happens, but since I’m not a huge fan of crafts I’ll give this a 2/5.


Now, the toucan charm. It’s a charm to go on your animal jam charm bracelet,

with a toucan that has a fruit basket on his head.


I like this. It’s cute. I think I prefer the arctic wolf though… Anywho I’d give it a 4/5!

And then, the raglan t-shirt! It’s a white shirt with blue sleeves and a cute picture of a bunny, a dear, and an owl! It says in the AJ font: “Explore!”


This is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to wear it! 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last but not least (of the IRL stuff)…..

Golden binoculars! They’re working binoculars that are black and gold and say Animal Jam on them.


I like these, especially since they work really well. I’ll probably bring them next time I go to my cottage! 4/5.


Now, for the AJ promo. It is….

The golden binoculars! Basically they’re the normal binoculars coloured yellow.


Honestly, I’m disappointed. They couldn’t even make a new item? Or at least make it a pretty colour? Sadly, 2/5.


I’ve also got some important news: I am going to summer camp, so I will not post for the next 14 days. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Yours Truly,

(Thanks to Graciepopstar91 for the siggy!)