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Ok, so, if you follow the other aj blogs, you’ll know about The Project. Basically, us Bloggers decided to make a huge story collaboration – and that story is The Blogger Portal. Here is where you can find the other chapters:

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If you are too lazy the read the other chapters (shame on you!) I’ll give you a quick recap: the Bloggers all found strange portals that, naturally, they jumped into. They’ve been to all sorts of wacky places, and this shall be no exception.

Yes, I know this is like 2000 words over the limit. I’ve been editing and editing but I just can’t cut it down enough. 😦 I’m so sorry.

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The Blogger Portal

Chapter 9

Megadiancie7 and Snowlondon hit the ground with a loud thump. Seeing they were together, they both let out a relieved sigh. They then got up quickly, wondering where they could be. Despite the fact that each portal brought new challenges, they couldn’t help but be a little curious. If it was like the stories, anything could happen!

They found themselves in a hallway with a checkered floor. As they stood up and brushed the dirt off their clothes, they realized they were in a high school. No regular one, either. Glancing around, Mega and Snow saw students wearing everything from top hats to spiked collars, floral crowns to bows. As they looked down at themselves, they realized they were no different.       

Mega was dressed in a pink dress with yellow crescent moons all over it. Behind her ear perched a sparkly blue butterfly, complete with a half heart necklace around her neck. Snow was wearing a light pink leotard with a lilac tutu, as well as a matching necklace. On her head sat a simple tiara.

Snow got an idea. “OhmygoshMegaIthinkwe’reinJamasianHigh!” she squealed.

Mega was used to her lightning fast way of speaking and replied breathlessly: “Jamasian High?!”

“Yes!” exclaimed Snow happily. “Look around you!”

“And everyone looks like a humanized Animal Jam character!” agreed Mega. They high fived. After all, out of all places to wind up, an Animal Jam high school wasn’t that bad.

Just then, the school bell rang.

“Oh no! We don’t know our classes!” cried Snow.

Mega, however, had a hunch. “If it’s anything like the books, then we should magically have everything we need,” she pointed out. They looked in their backpacks, and sure enough, they each found a map and a schedule. Comparing their schedules, they were ecstatic to find they were exactly the same.

“I guess the portal wanted us to stay together!” grinned Snow. “Now what’s first?”

“History,” replied Mega.

Snow read hers too. “It’s with Liza!” she said excitedly. Liza was her favourite of the main alphas.

Using the map they raced to Liza’s classroom, not wanting to be late. They ran into the classroom and dove into the nearest chairs. They focused their attention on the figure in the front of the class.

Liza’s hair was a pretty shade of black. She had two buns, and a long loose braid that went down past her back. She wore a turquoise dress, along with matching earrings. A brown utility belt was fastened around her waist, and a golden arm band was wrapped around her arm.

“Good Morning Class!” Liza greeted, smiling.

“Good Morning!” called Mega and Snow cheerily.

To their embarrassment, the whole class turned to stare at them. “I don’t remember them…” “What are they doing here?”

Even Liza seemed a little baffled, but she shook her head and continued. “Today, we will be learning about The Super Jammers.”

Mega and Snow gasped. “But… That’s our story!” stammered Snow.

“Hmmm…. Jamasian High was a ‘story’ too, but we’re standing in it…” mused Mega.

“You mean to say… All the bloggers stories…. Real?” asked Snow, eyes widening.

“Possibly. In fact, probably.” replied Mega, equally in awe.

“Who can tell me all the names of The Super Jammers and what animals they were?” asked Liza.

Both Mega and Snow raised their hand, but a different girl was picked. She answered without missing a beat: “Shadow the owl, The Howler the wolf, Arctica the arctic fox, Water Otter the otter, and Striped Claw the tiger.”

Mega and Snow were quite impressed that someone knew their ‘story’ so well. They tried to get a better look at who had answered. Her plain outfit was a stark contrast to the funky outfits around her. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and she wore a long grey dress. Something about her seemed familiar to Mega and Snow, but they couldn’t place their finger on what.

“Thank you. Now, can someone tell me their powers?” continued Liza.

Once again Mega and Snow raised their hands, but once again the other girl was called upon. “Arctica could create blizzards and freeze liquids, Water Otter could manipulate water, Striped Claw had super strength and amazing instincts, and… Um…. Uh…” The girl hemmed and hawed and eventually Liza picked Snow.

“Shadow had super speed and night vision-”

“And The Howler had a super sonic howl,” finished Mega. They high fived.

“Correct,” praised Liza, as the mysterious girl glared furiously at them. “I will now be handing out some questions about the remarkable Super Jammers,” instructed Liza, passing out a sheet of paper.

“I’ll help you, Miss Liza.” said a sickly sweet voice. It was the mysterious girl again. It seemed she was the teacher’s pet. That would explain her anger at being wrong.

Mega was just finishing the last question when the bell rang. “Next we have science with Cosmo,” she informed Snow.

Checking the map, Snow noticed it took place outside the school, in an area labeled the School Gardens. With the map as a guide, Mega and Snow managed to exit the school and trek through the deep forest, until finally they reached what they guessed was the School Gardens.

It was a huge clearing with warm sunlight shining through. Flowers and trees sprouted here and there. The most impressive thing, though, was in the center of the clearing. It was a house carved out of a massive tree! Everything in it was made of plants, from the stairs constructed entirely out of large leaves to the potted plants adorning the walls. A blue brook babbled lazily over the stone floors.

“Hello, and welcome!” called out a voice. “Be careful not to squash the flowers, apparently they’re feeling delicate today,” it added. Then the mystery person came out from behind the trees. It was Cosmo. He had shaggy brown hair and light brown glasses around his chocolate brown eyes. His clothes were made completely out of big green leaves, as was his hat, on which there was a jaunty daisy.

“Today we will be reviewing photosynthesis, with my friend Asclepias Syriaca.” He held up a vase filled with milkweed.

Mega and Snow recalled Cosmo could speak to plants.

“If you do not remember, photosynthesis is how plants get their food, so to speak. You see, by using sunlight, water, minerals and carbon dioxide, the plant can make glucose, which is the energy for the plant,” he explained. “Now, do any of you have any questions for Asclepias Syriaca?“ he asked. A few people raised their hands.

“Does it hurt to do photosynthesis?” “Can you taste the glucose?”

After Asclepias Syriaca had answered these questions and more (with Cosmo as two way translator), Cosmo moved on to the second part of the lesson.

“Now, let’s do something a bit more hands on, shall we?” he said, after putting down Asclepias Syriaca. He then gestured to a shelf behind him filled with potted plants. “The plants say they want to be in the ground, rather than vases, so we are going to be replanting them!”

After explaining how to properly replant the plants, Cosmo passed out potted plants; three to each person. Mega and Snow took theirs, and then headed onto the grass. Despite the students chattering around them, it was peaceful. They quickly got into the rhythm: dig, scoop, bury. Dig, scoop, bury.

After finishing carefully planting the many exotic plants, they looked around.

While they weren’t the last to finish, it seemed most had finished long before. For example, the mysterious girl. Keeping up her teacher’s pet behavior, she was helping Cosmo out with some sort of soil problem, and looking very self-contented while at it.

Finally it seemed everyone was done planting, and Cosmo went around inspecting. When he came to the mysterious girl’s, he looked delighted. “Now look here class! See the careful way this jammer dug out her holes, and the way she gently replanted them? Splendid, splendid,” he said, smiling. The mysterious girl stuck her tongue out at Mega and Snow, who shrugged, knowing they couldn’t be perfect at everything. Suddenly, the bell rang.

Mega checked the schedule, and her face lit up. “English!” she exclaimed. English was both of their favourite subjects, but would it meet their expectations here? They certainly hoped so.

“Come on, we’ve got a bit of a walk to get back into the main building,” reminded Snow.

Mega and Snow had just taken their seats when trumpets blared. “Da da da daaaaa!”

Sir Gilbert walked regally into the room. He had fiery red hair that was slicked back neatly, and a bushy white goatee. His eyes were jade green. He was covered in silver armour, and a red velvet cape billowed behind him. “Welcome to English class.” he greeted grandly. “As you well know, last class we started writing stories. Today you are to continue them.”

Mega and Snow had not known about the stories, but they figured if they wrote fast enough they could make up for the time lost.

“What should we write about?” asked Mega.

Snow was stumped. “I can’t come up with any story that rivals what’s been happening today.”

Eureka!” cried Mega with excitement.

“What?” demanded Snow.

“We write about what’s happened to us today!” explained a giddy Mega.

“That’s it!” agreed Snow, suddenly elated.

Checking their desks, they each found a beautiful leather bound journal complete with the emblem of Mira and Zios. They also found two gorgeous black quills and bottles of ink. It seemed Sir Gilbert liked commemorating the olden days. Mega and Snow dipped their quills in ink and began to write..

Time flew by, and before they knew it, the bell had rung. And not just any bell… The lunch break bell!

The mood of the whole class seemed to elevate as they got up and left the classroom. Unlike everyone else, Mega and Snow were nervous. They had always eaten packed lunches before, and had heard rumours that cafeteria food was awful. They supposed they’d just have to hope.

Once more they used the map to find their way to the cafeteria. They didn’t know what they were expecting – maybe a dirty, nasty place with evil lunch ladies ladling out foul smelling muck – but that was certainly not what they found. It was a room so large it dwarfed everywhere else they’d been that morning. Its walls were a warm beige colour. There were tall windows all around them which let him streaming light. There appeared to be no plates, as jammers all around them were walking while munching. This brought their eyes to the food.

And what food it was! There were tables overflowing with cheesy pizzas and huge roast turkeys, fluffy mashed potatoes and buttery rice. There were juicy hamburgers, crispy fries, and warm ramen. And then there was the desserts. Tall layer cakes and soft donuts. Fresh pumpkin and apple pies. Rich brownies. Mountainous blobs of jello. There were even smoothie and hot chocolate machines, busily puttering away. Everything looked straight from a cookbook. A delicious one, too.

Mega and Snow had just eaten their fill and were walking towards their next subject (math with Graham), wanting to get an early start, when they ran into someone. Literally. Snow ran headfirst into, yes, the Mysterious Girl.

“I am so sorry! Are you okay?!” she apologized quickly.

“No, I’m not. No thanks to you,” she retorted.

It was then Mega and Snow recognize her.

“You’re the one who dropped us into the portal!” accused Mega.

“About time you remembered,” she sniffed. “Today at the end of the day we have art class. And in that art class we will be having an art competition. And I am going to win. And you are going to lose. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have math class. Oh yeah, by the way, when I made your schedules identical, I also made mine the same.” With that she flounced off, leaving Mega and Snow staring in her wake.

To get to Graham’s classroom they had to walk up a long, narrow, winding wooden staircase. When they arrived, panting, they immediately collapsed upon the chairs (all of which were decorated with golden pipes and cogs). They had about two minutes until the bell would ring. They used this time to survey their surroundings.

They were in what was probably the highest room in the building. It was small and dome shaped, with floors that were half stone and half wood. On one side of the room there was a chart with complex calculations written upon it, and, next to it, a telescope! It wasn’t your average telescope, either. It was made of what appeared to be gold with all sorts of levers attached. But what really made it stand out was its size. It was easily five times as big as them, and so wide they could probably fit snugly in. It jutted out of the window and probably gave views to marvel the Hubble Telescope. And right there, at the telescope, scribbling furiously on the chart, was Graham.

His hair was a great mass of electric white hair along with a messy beard to match. He wore strange working goggles that made his sea blue eyes look different sizes. He clothes were all blue, and a green gem was strapped to his stomach. There was two brown armbands on each of his arms, one of which had a gold plate attached. There was a golden key hanging from his neck and a utility belt similar to Liza’s around his waist.

Briiiiiiing!” rang the bell. It seemed to jolt Graham out of his work. “Why hello there,” he said in a voice raspy with age. “I have been observing the planetary movements. But I suppose that is boring to you youngsters.”

There were a couple laughs.

“Instead, we shall be constructing and battling robots,” he explained to the excited students, which instantly irrupted into chatter.

“My robot is going to crush yours!”

“Nu-uh. Dream on!

“My robot will be THE BEST.”

“As if. It’ll be mine and you know it.”

Even Mega and Snow couldn’t wait to start.

“There are not many rules. In fact, there are none. As for the materials….” Graham trailed off, before dumping a large box of random junk onto the floor. “This should cover it.”

The world has never seen such a stampede as the one created when every student in the class went running for scrap materials Graham had laid out – well, dropped – on the floor. Mega and Snow were bashed left and right. Finally, Mega and Snow slipped in to scavenge what they could together.

It was surprising what they found, really. There were wooden sticks, straw bales, bamboo shoots, slabs of stone, and even some precious metals such as silver, gold, and gemstones. When they were finished gathering everything they thought they might need, they set to work.

After about an hour they had finally finished their robot. He (they decided to make it male) had a body of real gold, and arms of bamboo. They wired him using silver due to its conducting properties. Around them they saw a vasty different variety of robots. The one that really stuck out to them was that of, (surprise, surprise,) the Portal Girl. Unlike theirs, hers was woven into a complex pattern completely out of straw, save for the wood foundation. Rather than working with electricity, she had dabbled in Rube Goldberg-like engineering, ending up with a robot that functioned using a series of complex chain reactions.

“Very impressive, very impressive,” Graham said as he carefully inspected all the robots. “There’s no doubt you’ve all gotten the looks aspect of this assignment. But have you gotten the battle skills?”

At this, some jammers blinked, as if they had forgotten that they had been told to make battle robots instead of art displays. It indeed seemed like half the class had forgotten that their robots were supposed to function.

“Now, here are the matchups for the first round.” Graham announced, before listing out the pairings. Mega and Snow’s first match was with a non-functioning stone robot, also made by two partners, with a sharpened, hammer-like head. It was so heavy that it took both of its creators to lift. The enemy pair was very careful to place it a certain distance from Mega and Snow’s robot, and didn’t let go until the match was started.

The moment the countdown ended, however, their enemies released it. Like a falling anvil, the robot streaked forward. Still, Mega and Snow hadn’t spent an hour programming their robot for nothing. The robot dived out of the way before springing back to its feet, ready for action. But the action never came. The stone robot, falling on the stone half of the floor, neatly split in half, though with the accomplishment of denting the floor under its belt as it broke.

The next few battles were practically the same. Non-functioning robot after non-functioning robot. Finally the battles came down to the finalists. You can probably guess who they were. Mega and Snow, and, of course, the Portal Girl. She simply flipped her hair and readied her robot. Mega and Snow did the same (minus the hair flips.)

“Ready yourselves, final contestants. On your marks. Get set. GO!”

Mega and Snow’s robot quickly prepared for attack, just as the Portal Girl snapped a rubber band, starting her chain reactions. Her robot marched forwards and aimed a strike at theirs. Luckily their robot parried with an almost identical strike. Her robot aimed a kick. Their robot sidestepped it. Her robot leaped at theirs. Theirs caught her mid leap and thrust her away. It continued and continued, seemingly with no end. Snow had an image of the robots battling for eternity while they looked on, helpless. In fact, she was just about to ask Mega if they should yield rather than have their robots fight forever, when she heard a crunch. She looked over, wondering which robot had snapped. Imagine her shock when she found out it was both.

By the looks of it, the two robots had aimed punches at the exact same time, and as a result were both broken and mangled.

“Aaaaaand…… It’s a tie!” exclaimed Graham with gusto.

Mega and Snow looked at each other. This Portal Girl was hard to defeat. Still, a tie was alright.

“To gym?”

“To gym!”

Mega and Snow ran down the steps eagerly. After all, Greely was Mega’s favourite alpha. According to the map, gym was directly behind the school.

When they finally got to the gym, though, Mega and Snow got a shock.

“There’s a wall around the gym!” Mega cried.

“Not just any wall… It looks to be made of phantom pods!” observed Snow, staring at the disgusting bulbs.

After standing in silence for a moment, Snow asked: “So, do we just hit it?”

“I think so…” came Mega’s uncertain reply.

”Ok.” Snow decided. “On three. One, two, three!” On three, they both hit a section of the wall with all of their might. The pods popped with a crack, giving them an opening. They stepped through quickly.

“Ah. You’ve all made it through my newest challenge. Shame, I was hoping to be missing some jammers, but it seems you’re all here.” muttered none then than Greely himself.

He was similar to Sir Gilbert in that he too had a white goatee, as well as a cape. There were still differences, of course. Unlike Gilbert’s, Greely’s hair was dark blue, and his cape a tattered purple colour with a gold clasp. His eyes were sunny yellow, a colour that did not match his personality. Around each arm were two leather straps.

Mega and Snow looked around them. There were what looked like they were once stone buildings, though by then nature had reclaimed them. Trees were growing on everything in sight. The most unsettling part, however, lay past the trees. It was a gigantic grey volcano that was belching out worrisome red smoke. Oddly enough, none of the other students seemed to care. Their main worry seemed to be Greely.

“Listen up!” he barked. “We’re going to be playing Phantom Ball. There is one rule: don’t get hit by flaming phantoms. Easy. Of course, since Mira probably doesn’t want you dying, the phantoms will be fake. But trust me, their fire is very real. Anyway, enough chattering. GO!” At this final word, flaming phantoms did indeed start falling from the sky. As you can probably imagine, panic was immediate. Jammers were running left and right, trying desperately to avoid the phantoms.

Mega and Snow weaved in and out of the crowd, holding hands so as not to lose each other. All around them fellow students were yelping as the flames licked their skin. The phantoms, once small and insignificant, were now getting progressively larger. Still, they hadn’t spent hours playing Falling Phantoms for nothing. They knew when to stand still, when to run. When to cower in a corner, when to advance to the middle.

Using their knowledge, Mega and Snow managed to survive until there were only two others besides themselves left. One was, obviously, the Portal Girl. The other was someone they’d never before seen, wearing brown with a brown and turquoise top hat and a black sword. They heard a cry and saw that the Portal Girl had been hit. They knew that there was no way they could both win. They looked up and saw a massive fireball of a phantom falling towards them. Squeezing each other’s hands, they closed their eyes, and braced for impact.

It never came. They felt slightly hot for a moment, and before they knew it they were on the side of the field, listening to the class cheering for the person who won, who was apparently named Wolves12345.

As the bell rang they stumbled, dazed, towards what they had both been looking forwards to and dreading all day. The final showdown, no ties, no excuses: Art class.

Up close, the Art Studio was even quainter than they had been able to see on the small screens of their computers. It was warm and inviting, with walls made of wood and long green tiles on the roof. Right above the door was a painter’s palette. Inside, the walls were covered in drawings, from simple stick figures to complex animals. The many shelves were loaded with pottery, some beautifully detailed, some lumpy and disfigured. In the center of the studio were a couple rows of chairs.

Mega and Snow had sat down and were trying to stay calm despite their nervousness when they heard someone.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” asked a girl.

Glancing up, Mega gasped. The girl had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a long white gown.

“KARALEE?!” cried Mega.

“Mega? Snow?” replied Kara.

“It’s us!” responded Mega and Snow in unison.

“I thought I was alone!” explained Kara.

“We did too,” nodded Mega and Snow.

After comparing schedules they saw that they were completely different, except for art class.

“Is that you guys?” asked a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes, along with a white shirt and grey skirt, and pink glasses.

“SARAH!” exclaimed Mega, Snow, and Kara.

“HI!” replied Sarah excitedly. She too had had an entirely different schedules besides art.

“I guess the Portal Girl wanted to ‘defeat’ all of us,” concluded Snow after explaining everything.

Sure enough, more and more bloggers came. There was Gracie, Coolcat, Swirl, Daylite, Lost, Kraft, Flora, Crazcat, and Ja, to name a few.

Once they had all found seats in a clump together, they waited for teacher to come. And they waited some more. And some more.

Suddenly a young woman jumped through the one of the open windows.

“BOO! Did I scare you? Did I? Oh well. Anyhoo! Today….” The woman trailed off. “Oh look, a butterfly!” she chirped.

Mega and Snow exchanged a look. “Peck?” asked Mega. “Peck.” agreed Snow.

Peck had a short violet bob. Her eyes were an intense fuchsia. On her ear was a yellow bell that would tinkle pleasantly whenever she moved her head. She wore a lavender dress that was simple and loose, and purple sandals.

Peck continued to stare at the butterfly, forgetting all about them.

“Peck, you’re teaching us.” reminded a cold voice belonging to the Portal Girl.

“I am? Oh yes! Well. Today….” Peck scratched her head. “What are we doing today? Hmmmm….. I don’t remember!”

“We were doing the annual art competition. It’s a big deal, remember?” reminded once again, the Portal Girl.

“Oh yes! That’s it!” smiled Peck, bouncing excitedly. “You will divide into two groups. Each group will paint a work of art using this large piece of paper. You will have half an hour. Good Luck!”

Quickly the Portal Girl got up and started tapping students on the shoulders, gesturing for them to come. After the non-Blogger half of the class had gone to one side, she walked to them with an unmistakable swagger.

“Hey Bloggers. Guess who I have on my team?”

The Bloggers were silent.

“All the Youtubers. We will be unbeatable. After all, no one cares about you stupid bloggers. Plus, we will be recording it all to put on our channels. We will get SO many subscribers!” She walked away, snickering.

“I wish I could punch her,” muttered Swirl, her voice thick with the loathing all the other bloggers felt.

“Instead we’ll just have to beat her,” decided Ja.

The Bloggers quickly made a huddle trying to decide what to paint. A Blogger Plaque? All the AJ Bloggers? Nothing seemed quite right until- THE BLOGGER PORTAL!

All the Bloggers agreed. It seemed perfect. They got out their paintbrushes, and painted.

Because the portal had looked different to everyone, they each painted what they’d seen. As a result many different shades and colours and patterns were blended together. Bloggers of all different artistic skills worked together to create a painting that represented them as a community.

When half an hour had passed Peck leaped up and down joyfully. “IT’S TIME TO PRESENT YOUR ART!” she squealed gleefully, apparently vastly enjoying the competition. “Which group wants to go first?”

“YOUTUBERS! YOUTUBERS!” chanted the Youtubers.

“Alrighty! Go on, show us your masterpiece!” encouraged Peck.

With a flourish the Youtubers held up their painting. It was a lifesize version of the Portal Girl.

“Because of my extreme awesomeness, the Youtubers begged to paint me,” explained the Portal Girl. By the looks of it though, the Youtubers had not begged, or even been that willing. It seemed they weren’t happy to be the Portal Girl’s puppets, for good reason. Still, some seemed completely loyal to her.

“This was our LIT art of the SWAG Portal Girl!” cheered one while recording on her phone.

“We are going to CRUSH those weird Bloggers,” drawled another.

Even though the drawing was literally an homage to the Portal Girl, the Bloggers had to admit it looked good.

“Now, the second group! Please present your artwork!”

Nervously the Bloggers smoothed out the piece of paper. They were just about to explain what it was when the wind started howling, even though they were indoors. Before they knew it, the paper started evaporating, save for the part with the portal, which slowly became 3D. The Bloggers began to understand what was happening. The portal…. it was their drawing!

“Everybody hop in!” yelled Mega to the Bloggers.

They were just jumping in when the Portal Girl dashed out of her chair.

“Don’t think I’m not coming!” she growled as she leaped in.

“I thought we had gotten rid of her,” skulked Snow.

“Come on!” repeated Mega, grabbing her hand. And with that they leaped into the swirling void.


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