Pi day!

As you may or may not know, today’s Pi day! Pi is a mathematical equation used to determine the circumference of a circle. The first three digits (3.14) correspond with today, the 3rd month, the 14th day.

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Pi sketch

A Pi day sketch I made of my owl.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post!

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Woman’s day!

Hey guys, guess what? IT’S NATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some selfies with my buddies, WOOT WOOT!

Anyhow, Mega and I decided to look at some alphas.

Fourteen out of thirty two of them are female. That’s exactly 43.75% percent, or about 45.

With just the main (Liza, Cosmo, Gram, Sir Gilbert, Peck, Greely, Tavie), it’s a three out of seven. Liza, Peck, and Tavie. So, about as even as you can get without one being both genders, with AJ should totally do! Anyhow, I have to say I’m satisfied. Then, we decided to look at the people the main female alphas were named after!

Liza: Eliza Scidmore, an American writer, photographer and geographer who visited Japan many times and was the first female board member of the Nation Geographic Society

Peck: Annie Peck, a woman mountaineer for the early National Geographic Society

Tavie: Octavie Coudreau, a french explorer

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B-Day Member-Ship, coming in hot!

Why hello, my dear friends. It’s Mega, and I have a small story…

On Friday, what sight should meet my eyes but an…..


Woo Hoo!!! Yay!

Anyways, after a bit (read as a lot) of trouble entering my code, dear Membership Card got me….



Then, with my newfound  riches, (thanks again, Memby!)I bought…

A darling Oochie-Coo Sheepie!

(No picture,because I’m lazy) 😉

After, I redecorated my Beach house, and bought Sir Gilberts Den!

Predicting a den decorating vid in our sweet future! 🙂

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Exploring the weather in Animal Jam

Hey guys! If you think that weather is boooooring, think about Jamaa. The weather never changes, yet in every land it is different. I’m going to be exploring them all!



Though there are clouds, it is always very sunny. If you’re too overwhelmed, try stepping into the crevice in the rocks for a moment.

Kimbara Outback

Watch out! Cloudless skies and excruciating heat do not make for a pleasant combination.  Congrats to the kangaroos, crocodiles, spiders, and lizards that can survive here! Of course, if you want a break, you can always go to…

Mt. Shiveer

Image result for mt. shiveer land map

This mountain goes way up past the clouds, to a place where warmth is a long ago memory. Snow piles up by the feet, and the ice is deadly. Be warned, the ice slide carved into the face of the mountain is not for the weak-hearted! The two means of warming up are the rugged hot cocoa hut and the hot springs.

Jamaa Township

Jamaa township.PNG

The heart of Jamaa, bustling Jamaa township isn’t quite sunny or shady. Parts have dark rivers, while others bright pathways. The building shine and glimmer, yet there are parts full of trees. The temperature is perfect, not too hot, nor too cold.

Sarepia forest


It’s impossible to tell what hides above the dense canopy of trees in the prettiest land of Jamaa, but it is certainly dark underneath. The air seems to crackle as you step on crunching leaves, and one things for sure: There is some serious engineering behind the wooden bridges connecting the trees. Slide down the slide if you dare, and find a crackling fire you shall. Magic is demonstrated to those who dance around the campfire in a big enough group… In fact, the whole forest is magical!

Lost temple of Zios

Lost temple of Zios.PNG

Always shady and humid, this temple devoted to Zios has the biggest trees in Jamaa! From a murky stream to dark palm-trees in the distance, who knows what lurks in the Lost temple of Zios?

Coral Canyons

Don’t let the cascading waterfall and stream fool you… Coral Canyons is hot! Be careful of the rocky cliffs and the bee’s nest as you go about your buisness! Play Best Dressed to feel like a diva if you want, or be an artist in the Art Studio instead! Two tower viewers perch on a high outlook, and is that a lone wolf in the distance? Hot but gorgeous, that’s Coral Canyons.

Canyons Pathway

If you don’t know how to get here follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to Coral Canyons or Crystal Sands
  2. If Crystal Sands, go to the far right until you see a sign for Coral Canyons. In Coral Canyons do vice versa on the far right.
  3. Go through the passageway and…


So, the weather of this dessert-beach hybrid! Like both beaches and desserts, the Canyons Pathway is hot. Pretty clay pots hang, and in the corner is a beautiful stream decorated with starfish that clearly represent…

Crystal Sands

Crystal Sands.PNG

Gorgeous, and always bright and sunny, Crystal Sands is a picturistic vacay spot. Hot with warm sand underneath, getting hot can be forgiven. Ignoring the beautiful sprinkler however, can notWater slides empty into the bay of the Jamaa sea, with a dock for those brave enough to explore. Dirty pets can be cleaned at the pet wash, and finally a pretty little aquarium waits to be enjoyed. There’s no place brighter than this.



Well guys, what did ya think? I included a little more than weather, but who cares? A big thanks to the Animal Jam Wiki and Animal Jam Archives for the land maps (which I could never have done on my own!)

Yours Truly,