New pet, New video, Awesome news!

Ok, Snow here with an odds and ends post. Firstly, I got a new pet. My beloved Sparkle!

hatched intoooo…


Isn’t she cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?

Next up!

I have posted (with the huge help of Mega) a NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this, Mega decorates her den. Do not miss it!

Now, the awesome news.

I GOT 92/100 ON MY PIANO EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It says:

_________ Music Conservatory


Certificate of Award

is presented to

____________ ____________________

For having completed the prescribed requirements, and for attaining the acceptable standards for


in testimony whereof these signatures hereby offered:

This 9th day of April in the year 2017                        ______________________ __________________

And the gold sticker reads:



Me playing the piano!.PNG

A few other this-ies and that-ies.

There was a mini-update!!!!!!!!!


Mini update.PNG

Today’s is the spring flower cloud!

Spring Flower Crown.PNG

Sadly, members only.

Speaking of April Showers, it’s really pouring around here.



Well, that’s about it!

Yours Truly,



New update!

Why hello there. I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper hyper because I just ate a whole bunch of peppermint bark.

Image result for peppermint bark

Anywho, I have a late updaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

Update pt. 1.PNG


Update pt 2.PNG

I think this is so cool! #Getting one immediately! I’ve heard they hatch into chicks (not chips), crocodiles, or falcons!

Update pt 3.PNG

Snow leopards have returned! I like this… The cruise ship party? Well, I love cruises!

Image result for cruise ship party animal jam map

See how it says AJS MOLA MOLA on it?

Update pt 4.PNG

Polar bears are traveling. Meh, who cares? Horses returning soon? COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finaly update pic.PNG


Yeah okay, I’m done here. 

Yours Truly,


The history of my new pet

Hello there guys, it is

Related image

with a post about a new pet I got!

As is obvious by the title, it is an egg. But not just any egg. This is…


Too overwhelming? Here is an AJ picture of her.


Now, Sparkle is the glitziest egg alive. (Yes, of course she’s alive.)

Now, the origin story!

She was once a average egg, but even then she was prettier than normal. One day, a fox, meaning to eat all of her fellow egg-mates (including Sparkle), saw her, and could not destroy her, out of love.

Chicken coop.jpg

(Lol this is such a bad edit)

The fox then carried her gently to sparkle mountain, where she knew an arctic wolf. Upon seeing the arctic wolf, she asked if the wolf could please gleam up Sparkle a little. The arctic wolf accepted. She worked day and night, and finally came out with the result!

Egg no. 2.jpg


Now, by then the fox had left to travel the world, and though she admired her, the arctic wolf could only care for Sparkles for so long. She pondered and pondered what to do with such a beautiful creation, until one day she remembered


She knew a place of such exquisite beauty was perfect for Sparkle.


So, with the next visitor to sparkle mountain, the arctic wolf sent her away (with no shortage of tears).


With the visitor, Sparkle traveled to the diamond shop. She was then put on display. It was just my luck that well browsing I happened to stumble across her.



And that, fair jammers, is the history of Sparkle!

Yours Truly,


I got runner-up in an art contest?!

Hey there, Snow here with some LIT news. I GOT RUNNER-UP IN CRAZCATLOVER’S ART CONTEST! What’s that? Well, my awesome buddy Crazcatlover held an art contest! You can find her blog here. OK, so the story is she hosted an art contest, which I entered. We had to draw this:

This was my submission…

Perler bead Crazycat.JPG

Now obviously I didn’t win. (Like DUH!) That honor would go to vaildusernamee. But…



The prize for runner-up is a free speed-paint video (Thanks once more to Crazcatlover 😀 .)

Oh my goodness. Was I just bragging? Ugh. I spent a whole post bragging? WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!


Yours Truly,


Brownowl42’s commission for us!

Hey there! Not quitting Snow here showing you two amazing plasticine figurines by Brownowl42! Not only did she make them, she hand picked the background too!


They are awesome! If you’re interested, just comment and I’ll get in touch with her! The prices are very cheap, but the results AWESOME!

After the result I was so pleased a decided to take a selfie with her. 😛


Yours Truly,


Sad news

Hello there, it’s Mega. I have some sad news. Over the years, Animal Jam has gotten a bit… Well… Boring. I feel it’s made for kids younger than me. It seems the updates don’t come soon enough, and there isn’t much to do. Why this all of a sudden? Well, the truth is I’ve been putting it off. Trying to convince myself that I do like it. But I really don’t. Maybe I’ll keep blogging IRL things. Maybe I won’t. I certainly won’t continue it with Snow, who feels the same way. And I know I’m quitting AJ. I don’t know what I’m doing with my account, or anything like that. I just know that, for me, it’s over. But (hopefully) not for you! Don’t follow my example! If AJ makes you happy like it once did for me, continue! Don’t let a grumpy wolf decide what you do. Grieve for me if you want to, for someone quitting something is always sad, but if you don’t care, don’t. You can unfollow if you wish. It won’t make me feel bad. I’ll get what I deserve, that’s all. So, I guess this is it. Goodbye.















I still :heart:Animal Jam and will definitely be continuing the blog.

Yours Truly,


Sorry I’ve been inactive!

OK. First. I know. I have not posted in  AGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! I am really sorry. Super sorry. Really. REALLY! I mean, I will do anything to win your favor once more. OK. ANYWAYS! Two things. Number one: This.



So I saw Moana, loved it, and knew I had to make this poster! Basically you need some sort of gloves or glove-like pattern, a flower crown or flower (NM), and a blue necklace. You could also do a Hawaiian skirt. Finally, do brown eyelashed eyes.


First, we have RIDICULOUS RARES! I personally love this concept. I always like when they have different items on sale for a few days, and this time some are nonmember and for gems! Squee! Today’s diamond ridiculous rare is this:

Rare tail feather

It is two diamonds. I think this is fair. Then there’s the rare balloon hat.

Rare balloon hat.PNG

It is 3,000 gems. Over priced much?

Next up!

Liza's garden

Liza’s garden! I myself am not surprised, I mean, there’s Peck’s, Cosmo’s, Greely’s, and Sir Gilberts. Now all they need is Gram’s! I also love how AJHQ Animal Jam-ified Chinese architecture. I think it is LOVELY.

Liza's garden no. 2.PNG


100 buddies.PNG

1000 buddies. OK, I :heart: this, really. I get a HUGE amount of buddies I’ll probably never exhaust! As for the fact that it’s member’s only, well, at least nonmembers get 200. Still, it’s not fair.

Screenshot (3266)

Cheetahs + new game

Cheetahs have returned! I think this is cool since I like them, but what’s revolutionary is on the opposing side. A NEW GAME! Okay, so listen up. I’ve been wanting a new game for FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juice hut.PNG

^^^^^^^^ A screenshot from the game.

Spring festival + April fools.PNG

The spring festival! Cool… It’s about average. Just your usual hunting tiny things adventure.

Spring festival adventure.PNG

April fools party! I like this… Not amazing though. The den items give me headaches… But I LOVE the pie hat.

Pie face

Can’t you imagine throwing it at someone’s face? *Eyes widen innocently*

Onto the next!

Speed in nature

Speed in Nature? Whatevs. Snow leopard are returning soon. Cool, since I like them.

Spring bunny.PNG

Well, I myself loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the spring bunny. I mean, everywhere it steps, flowers blossom. How cool is that?

Yours Truly,