Look out world….AJ’s newest STAR appears!

Meet the leaping lapin herself…

Ballet Bunny!


Her pirouettes are practised,

Her positions are perfect,

Her Pliés are pleasing,

Her pas jetés are polished,

Her arabesques are amazing!


If you see this rabbit on the Jamaa Journal, don’t be surprised. This carrot loving girl is destined for stardom!

Yours Truly (with the juicey Jamaa news),



Impromptu stuffy photoshoot

Hey there! It’s Snow, and I recently got some cute new stuffies from Berlin. I decided: “Why not stage a stuffy photoshoot?” And that’s just what I did. As you can tell I photoshopped these cuties onto real places in Berlin. Not the best quality, but whatever! It’s fine. That’s what matters, right?


Reichstag building with stuffies.jpg

Yours Truly,


Good news… The future is looking UP!

Heeeeeeeeello there! Why so bright? Well, the future is looking up!

You see, after some irritating technology problems, I can finally post on my own account!!!!!!!!!! Also, I have to admit, the quality of this blog has been less than satisfactory, but that too is going to change!

Okay, now for a little rant on cheese tigers…

OK Aparri. Let me talk. Like REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheese tigers? WHY?! Who came up with the idea of a TIGER that looked like CHEEEESE? Who considered that a good idea? Like, would you do a tiger that looked like, say, a blueberry with cheese sauce on it? No! So why is a TIGER THAT LOOKS LIKE CHEESE POPULAR?!?!?!?! It’s like say, one of those shudder shade fashion trends. WHY? You’re doing it because someone famous did it. That is LITERALLY why. “He did it!!!” they say, as if it’s a possible excuse. OMG GUYS!!!


Yours Truly,


P.S. This is Snow. Mega’s normally very pleasent, really. But… She has strong feelings, kay?

New update!

Hey, it’s Mega and Snow here for a loooong post! First; AJ recently released new spring items!!!!!!

Screenshot (3020).png

We think this is super-clever. Today (February 25 2017) they have the spring bow:

Spring bow.PNG

And the Tiki mask:

Tiki mask.PNG

Secondly, Snow’s brother took home a school mascot today: Guillaume. He’s adorable, but

sadness emojis animal jamly not real.

He wanted to play Animal Jam, and here he is!


And a comparison between an AJ Guillaume and the IRL one:

(Sorry for the bad quality)



Guess what? In the summer carnival today only there’s an exclusive 3000 tickets rare non-members item called…



Lastly (we know you’re getting bored), is our new site icon! You know, on the tab, how it used to say: Screenshot (3174).png? Well, check it out now! cropped-logo3

Yours truly,

profile-pic             screenshot-2736

Jamtastic Update!

Hey guys! It’s my first ever update post! Let’s get to it!Screenshot (3003).png

Sooo, first we have the spiked sale! I think this is cool! Can’t wait to see what’s in stock. By the way today’s spike is Solid gold, Yesterday’s was magenta, Fridays’s was rainbow, Thursday’s was black. #Cool!

Screenshot (3012).png

A quick drawing of the rainbow collar. It’s no good, but whatevs…

Screenshot (3004).png

Llamas are back! Quite frankly not that interesting, though the picture is intriguing…

Screenshot (3005).png

Pet hyenas! Cute, even if I won’t get one. Here’s a delightful punk one I saw.

Screenshot (3013).png

As for the arctic armor! I don’t have much feeling, but I love the animated snow!Screenshot (3006).png

This doesn’t do much, but it’s well put together!

Screenshot (3007).png

As always, I think it’s a little early, but so what?! It reminds you of sweet summer. ❤

Screenshot (3008).png

Polar bear day… Whatever! I’ve heard the new animal is a mountain lion/puma/cougar.Screenshot (3009).png

Sorry but I don’t care.

Screenshot (3010).png


Screenshot (3011).png

Well isn’t this new… This add shows up literally all the time!!!!

So guys, that was it! Some things weren’t exactly interesting, but that’s how it goes. My favorite thing was either the mysterious new animal or the Spiked sale.

Yours Truly,



Hey guys! It’s time for a totally unnecessary post!

Dance party.PNG

Here I am, going crazy to Fight song. If you see the “Jam session party”, go! I love rocking out to my favorite songs all party long. Suppose you like my HAWT look, thank Brownowl42! Plus, if you’re wondering, the magenta spike is on sale today! For a whole update post, check out our blog tomorrow!

Yours Truly,


Superb Owl Sunday… The best misreading of Superbowl Sunday

Hello! It’s Snow here, with some facts on owls! You see, add a space in between Superb and owl in Superbowl… Superb Owl! And as you may or may not know, owls are my favorite animal! Okay, here we go!                                                                                                                        There are about 200 species of owls! You probably know they are nocturnal, like bats, raccoons, and coyotes, but did you know a group of them is called a ‘parliament”? Owls are birds of prey that eat insects, small mammals, and other birds, though SOME actually hunt FISH. They have powerful talons that help them catch prey and large eyes (for hunting in the night). They can turn their heads as much as 270 degreesWowie! Their powerful wings help them fly quiet as a whisper… And different owls have different colored feathers for camouflage!!! Did you know: Barn owls have heart shaped faces?                                                      A few pics:

Yours Truly,