We’ve gone international!

Why hello readers! To clear up a bit of confusion, we are not going on a world tour. We’re just recognizing other regional readers. At the beginning, we were lucky for a view at all! But now, we have views from countries such as Pakistan, Greece, the UK, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia!

Thanks for viewing our humble bit of the universe!

Signing off,



An Exciting New First!

Hi! You will NEVER guess what happened to me in AJ today. So, I bought a Mira coat of arms and a Zios stuffy.(I’m on team alpha.) So… Zios won! Meaning now…

first  My first den rare!(YAY!)

So congratulations for winning team Zios!

Signing off,


P.S Thanks for the edit Snow!


Hi! As you might have noticed from the title, this is an update post.

So, first of all…



When I was a non-member, I dreamed of buying this den, but then… TRAGEDY! It was removed! Luckily, they brought it back! 😀

Next… More spiked collars! Including the spiked spiked collar, a true winner.


Third, they also brought back battle for the beacon!


There I am, being pwned by a swarm of phantoms.

Speaking of events, they’ve also added a new party!


Sadly, I haven’t been able to get in, thanks to a glitch. Instead, it gave me a paradise party.

Oh, and remember eggstravaganza? Well, they’re adding a new pet!egg

Finally, Team Mira and Team Zios are getting their own items for Jam-con!


Signing off,


Awesome Fish Sighted!

Ahh…. Summer, a time of frolicking on a cruise ship, finding easter eggs, and not least among them issssssssssss…

mola mola boat


You see? The easter egg may be old news, but here are some….


4. Young Man1) The Mola mola (A.K.A Ocean Sunfish) is the biggest boned fish in the world

2) Mola  is Latin for millstone

3) Females produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate

4) Baby Molas resemble miniature puffer fish

5) Mola Molas have their own amazing game on the app store

Sincerely apologizing  if you learned something,


Sad news

Hello there, it’s Mega. I have some sad news. Over the years, Animal Jam has gotten a bit… Well… Boring. I feel it’s made for kids younger than me. It seems the updates don’t come soon enough, and there isn’t much to do. Why this all of a sudden? Well, the truth is I’ve been putting it off. Trying to convince myself that I do like it. But I really don’t. Maybe I’ll keep blogging IRL things. Maybe I won’t. I certainly won’t continue it with Snow, who feels the same way. And I know I’m quitting AJ. I don’t know what I’m doing with my account, or anything like that. I just know that, for me, it’s over. But (hopefully) not for you! Don’t follow my example! If AJ makes you happy like it once did for me, continue! Don’t let a grumpy wolf decide what you do. Grieve for me if you want to, for someone quitting something is always sad, but if you don’t care, don’t. You can unfollow if you wish. It won’t make me feel bad. I’ll get what I deserve, that’s all. So, I guess this is it. Goodbye.















I still :heart:Animal Jam and will definitely be continuing the blog.

Yours Truly,


B-Day Member-Ship, coming in hot!

Why hello, my dear friends. It’s Mega, and I have a small story…

On Friday, what sight should meet my eyes but an…..


Woo Hoo!!! Yay!

Anyways, after a bit (read as a lot) of trouble entering my code, dear Membership Card got me….



Then, with my newfound  riches, (thanks again, Memby!)I bought…

A darling Oochie-Coo Sheepie!

(No picture,because I’m lazy) 😉

After, I redecorated my Beach house, and bought Sir Gilberts Den!

Predicting a den decorating vid in our sweet future! 🙂

Yours truly,


Look out world….AJ’s newest STAR appears!

Meet the leaping lapin herself…

Ballet Bunny!


Her pirouettes are practised,

Her positions are perfect,

Her Pliés are pleasing,

Her pas jetés are polished,

Her arabesques are amazing!


If you see this rabbit on the Jamaa Journal, don’t be surprised. This carrot loving girl is destined for stardom!

Yours Truly (with the juicey Jamaa news),


Good news… The future is looking UP!

Heeeeeeeeello there! Why so bright? Well, the future is looking up!

You see, after some irritating technology problems, I can finally post on my own account!!!!!!!!!! Also, I have to admit, the quality of this blog has been less than satisfactory, but that too is going to change!

Okay, now for a little rant on cheese tigers…

OK Aparri. Let me talk. Like REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheese tigers? WHY?! Who came up with the idea of a TIGER that looked like CHEEEESE? Who considered that a good idea? Like, would you do a tiger that looked like, say, a blueberry with cheese sauce on it? No! So why is a TIGER THAT LOOKS LIKE CHEESE POPULAR?!?!?!?! It’s like say, one of those shudder shade fashion trends. WHY? You’re doing it because someone famous did it. That is LITERALLY why. “He did it!!!” they say, as if it’s a possible excuse. OMG GUYS!!!


Yours Truly,


P.S. This is Snow. Mega’s normally very pleasent, really. But… She has strong feelings, kay?