Awesome Fish Sighted!

Ahh…. Summer, a time of frolicking on a cruise ship, finding easter eggs, and not least among them issssssssssss…

mola mola boat


You see? The easter egg may be old news, but here are some….


4. Young Man1) The Mola mola (A.K.A Ocean Sunfish) is the biggest boned fish in the world

2) Mola  is Latin for millstone

3) Females produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate

4) Baby Molas resemble miniature puffer fish

5) Mola Molas have their own amazing game on the app store

Sincerely apologizing  if you learned something,



8 thoughts on “Awesome Fish Sighted!

  1. Ok! Just post the graphics (for each of you, telling which ones each of you would like,) and possible the ‘backround’ cover (any specific backround?) and your main animal, leave a comment on the AJFC linking to the post, and I will start working on it! (Once I’m done with it I will post it on the AJFC)


  2. I’m done with your signature, Mega! 😀 Also, I couldn’t find tiki island as a font, so I used Times New Roman, which is sorta like it, I hope that’s fine! It wasn’t showing up so XDX
    What do you want for your signature Snow?
    (Also I will post both of these once I’m done with both :))


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